Table of Contents
  1. Deutsche Sprache
  2. lingua italiana
  3. Langue française
  4. 中文
  5. 日本語
  6. English Title Page
  7. Cast
  8. Scenes
  9. Scene one: Getting to the Opera House and being seated in the balcony.
  10. Scene two: Frustrated Pianist meets Odile
  11. Interlude scene two: Mother and Daughter visit the gift shop.
  12. Scene three: Siegfried's palace celebrations with Odette.
  13. Interlude Scene three: Mother holds Daughter's attention between scenes.
  14. Scene four: Odile's bed chamber
  15. Interlude Scene four: Closer seating with the Usher
  16. Scene five: Siegfried's losing battle
  17. (optional) Interlude Scene five: Audience watches a set change
  18. Scene six: Pianist is grateful to Odile